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Eric van de Graaff, ilearnr

Your heart already knows

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Our true nature, our passion and our purpose, they are in our heart. Not in our head. In fact our heads often get in the way of our passions. Some excuses to close our mind:  “I’m too old to start my own business”, It would be irresponsible of me to make this change”, “I can’t afford to do this”.

Other false of self-deceiving beliefs: “I already know that”, “I’ve always done it this way”, “That way won’t work for me”, “I don’t have time”.  Be aware of how fear may keep you from trying new things and how ego may block you from trying new things too, effectively blocking progress. 

Yay Shetty advises to embrace your dharma. It resides at the center of your skills, your passion, your compassion and your usefulness for others. Find a job comprised of these elements and you will thrive!


Auteur: Eric van de Graaff

Support you to be better every day, that is my passion! Develop people and teams so that they can realize their dream. I am a father, a husband and a life long learner, trainer, coach, snowboarder and personal growth hacker. My skills round up like: communicative • go-getter • emphatic • eager to learn • result-oriented • strategic • teamplayer • innovative.

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