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Daily Habit of Learning

With the Talent pool being more sparse than ever, companies feel the need to close the skills gap internally. As productivity is vital, learning may not carve out productive time. If learning is to take place during working hours, it has to be as efficient and focussed as possible. 

The new kid on the learning block is called “On-Demand learning” or “Learning In The Flow of Work”: closing the skills gap at the moment of need. This is when the learner is most motivated to learn. Small snippets of content, focussed on the task at hand, ready to be accessed On-Demand. This content is created from available materials, processed with AI. Learners are enabled with the availability of PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones. Maybe even with e-watches, e-glasses and VR-goggles? It may seem like the perfect learning solution, but is it really? Do employees take the time to learn?

I think the future of learning is here, but it is not spread evenly. Providing assistance at the moment of need is a helpful and an effective tool. I believe learning is more than just that and I will strive to provide On-Demand learning also outside the direct scope of a task. People are at their best when they are learning. Learning and discovery are fun also. It is where the magic happens, where new solutions are being developed, where discovery leap-frogs. And this discovery may include some failures too.

So On-Demand learning should have content that really drives you forward. Conten based on topics selected by yourself, based on your view of your future. I believe your success depends on being able to form a daily habit of learning. I believe in daily learning to be your best!

You may jumpstart this habit forming with some help from Psychology. In Psychology Today habit formation is described as the process by which new behaviors become automatic. Key roles are played by three elements: Trigger, Behavior, and Reward. Trigger: Everyday after starting your computer, search for new content on a topic of your interest. Behavior: Spend 5 minutes to read it. Reward: Reflect: “What did I learn?” and “How can this benefit me/us?”.

I allowed the app “Coach Me” to create a trigger moment for learning and I allowed the app “Degreed” to present me curated content snippets. I am enjoying the daily learnings.

I am curious to learn how this works for you. Do let me know what you think!