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Empowered state of mind

It was the morning of the day that I was having an interview for a new role. The high tech company had a lot to offer and I felt almost intimidated to apply. Yet I knew I could bring a lot to the table.

That morning I used my three favourite techniques to come in the right state of mind. A state of mind in which I feel empowered to influence people to change.

One is reflective and planned, based on insights from the Dalai Lama and more recent Jay Shetty. The second one is derived from Anthony Robbins. The third is a pose is based on research of Cuddy into how others rate you after the pose. For me they are complementary:

Technique one: reflective and planned

1. Rise at 06.00am and meditate with 7 breaths while thinking these words: I believe everyone wants to develop to be his best. I deeply believe we should develop to be our best for this world. I do this by by building collaborative and interactive learning interventions that are driven by business value and embedded in adult learning and blended/hybrid learning principes. 

2. I feel gratitude for 3 things in my life. 

3. I think about my storyline, what steps did I take to come to this position.

4. I strengthen my beliefs about my learning interventions, trainings and virtual coachings: I fast forward in time and sketch moments that I want to experience. I see them vividly in front of me and feel all the positive feelings in my body. I immerse myself completely in it. Turn 100% that feeling tap open. I experience it as if it really happens. 

5. Focus on feelings of joy and smile. 

6 Take a walk outside.

7. Think over the 3 most important assets for today, that I wrote up yesterday.

Technique two: instruct your Sub-consience

This technique is almost on the other side of mindful meditation. This is an almost in the moment activation of my sub-consience, at the moment that I need it most. 

I say the following lines with power while tensing my muscles and slamming my hand into my own hand. There is no room for other thoughts. My subconscience has to follow my will. People watching me may find me fanatical and fearsome:

I demand to be in a state of mind. -I now command my sub-conscience mind  -to direct me in helping as many people as possible I can help -It is to better their lives -by giving me  -the strength -the emotion,  -the persuasion -to do whatever it takes -to show these people and  -to get these people to see and  -to change their opinion – now.

Technique Three: the star pose

Stand with stretched arms and legs, chest to the front, breathing normally for two minutes. The pose is based on research on how you are rated more positive in job interviews. It was followed up with saliva sample analysis. After the pose you may have an 8% increase in testosterone, building your presence. And a 25% decrease in cortisol, lowering your stress level.

These three techniques work for me and that is why I am sharing them with you. I am curious what these techniques do for you!


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Your heart already knows

Our true nature, our passion and our purpose, they are in our heart. Not in our head. In fact our heads often get in the way of our passions. Some excuses to close our mind:  “I’m too old to start my own business”, It would be irresponsible of me to make this change”, “I can’t afford to do this”.

Other false of self-deceiving beliefs: “I already know that”, “I’ve always done it this way”, “That way won’t work for me”, “I don’t have time”.  Be aware of how fear may keep you from trying new things and how ego may block you from trying new things too, effectively blocking progress. 

Yay Shetty advises to embrace your dharma. It resides at the center of your skills, your passion, your compassion and your usefulness for others. Find a job comprised of these elements and you will thrive!