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Learning Analytics adventure…

One big goal: How to apply analytics to support success! Now that the MOOC is almost to an end, I want more practical experience!

How did it start?

The first week of the MOOC Learning Analytics Unraveled  curated by Maastricht University (also source of above pictures) starts with “…an introduction on ‘What is Learning Analytics’ and how could it be applied in different organisations. Week two has focus on why we should be interested in Learning Analytics and for which kind of purposes it can be used. Third, in week three we look into different ways of applying Learning Analytics, always keeping in mind the purpose you are heading for. Finally, we zoom into pitfalls when doing learning analytics…” There is still time to participate!

What did I learn?

I am now in the fourth week and my expectations were surpassed, already.

  • Data’s power can drive human performance and business results. “through the roof” May be wishful thinking, but substantially improving outcomes is just a moderate expectation.
  • With power comes trust, privacy or backlash issues.
  • There is a vast amount of usable KPI’s already existing in organisations.
  • KPI’s and proxies can be used to determine the relation between learning and output.
  • I also learned that I am curious to learn all about it.
  • In my humble opinion the middle way forward is to provide employees with their individual data and performance support tools, while anonymously analysing the data at company level and supporting initiatives at scale.

What do I want to do next?

I am looking for an internship at a company that is currently connecting business performance to learning proxies. I want to contribute to improving business performance and at the same time learn and extend my experience in this area. I am currently enrolled in a MBA on start-up funding, company valuation, entrepreneurship and online learning. It’s is the first cohort and it is different, innovative and online and it takes two days a week. I am looking for synergy here.


I am a Learning and Development manager, changing to a new adventure. I believe everyone want to be his/her best and I believe Learning Analytics holds the promise to support strategies more strongly. I have knowledge in statistics and Organization Psychology and I want to improve human skills and performance more effectively.

What is your connection to learning analytics?

Do you work with analytics or do you personally know people at companies that are in the forefront of data analytics? Usually High Tech, Telecom, Financial or Service providers. Think Call Centers, Microsoft, NASA, NASDAQ, Vodafone and alike. Also think local tech start-ups in financing rounds 2 or 3. What is learning analytics to you? Do share!

And if you know someone who may benefit from an Internship on applying Learning Analytics, please forward my info to them! Or just let me know and I will follow up.

Enjoy the reading, thank you for your time!