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Why I enrolled in a MBA… and why you could too!

“live as if you die tomorrow, learn as if you live forever”

-Mahatma Gandhi

In October 2019 I wrote my application and send it to Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program. Chris Haroun, who has raised over 1 Billion in venture capital and has over 1 Million online students, reviewed the application and accepted it. Now that I look back at my application, I can confirm that it is about my ambitions for myself and for the world. Having completed the MBA it was well said by one of the other graduates: “this graduation is only the end of the beginning“:

Dear Chris, 

Thank you for your time to address my questions and set up the video interactions today. It was informative and fun and it is a good way to get a feel for the MBA interactions. In this motivation I like to share who I am, why I want to participate in the Haroun Education Ventures Master of Business Administration Degree Program 2019-2020 and how I see my best life in 10 years:

Who am I now?

I develop people and teams so that they can realize their dreams, that is my passion! I am sort of addicted to everyday learning and putting learning into practice. I am a father, a husband, a friend and a life long learner, dreamer, trainer, coach, snowboarder and personal growth hacker. My skills round up like: communicative • go-getter • emphatic • eager to learn • result-oriented • strategic • teamplayer • innovative.

Why do I want to get an MBA?

I want to get out of my comfort zone. I train soft skills and organise learning and I want to be able to translate this into business value and financials. I want to know the latest International Business trends and I want to keep challenging myself.

I look forward to network and interact with other students and teaching staff from different cultures and learn from their management experience. I may join a new company as a learning lead or I may even start my new business again. This time not so much working in the business as much as working on the business.

At this point I am considering to set up an online training business and the MBA will help me broaden my cultural horizon and  international business career prospects. The MBA network helps me find companies that I want to work for or with. It can help me arrange meetings with potential employers.

The real advantage of an MBA for me , however, is its proven versatility. With an MBA, I want to reignite my career and advance to be the tech savvy learning sponsor with a finance foundation.

What is my perfect life in 10 years? 

Family: My kids will have completed their educations and they will regularly visits us at our home in Velp. My wife has trimmed down her workweek to three days and participates in local charity work a the local dog-care unit. 

Friends: the friends from my youth are al still there and we continue to visit the isle of Schiermonnikoog once every year.

Success: my life’s satisfaction comes from helping other people grow and make their dreams come true. I feel More motivated. More confident. More competent. Than 10 years ago.

Career: I have reignited my career and I am the finance savvy, tech savvy learning lead in a company of 500-2000 people. Next to that I have an online community of 25.000 people. This generates participants for the online training.

Health: I am free of serious health sorrows. I participate in the weekly bootcamp hour and I participate in the business hockey competition. I take weekly doses of vitamins, Whey, diet candy and I weight 84 kilo’s.

Quality of life: I feel appreciated by family, friends and neighbours and we enjoy an occasional holiday, dog Teddy included. The cats stay happily around the house. 

Spiritual connection: my adagio is: understanding is forgiving and I have kept up a daily routine of being grateful for three things in my life and taking the time to reflect on what I can do for society. I am happy and enjoy challenges.

Personal growth: my interactions with students lead to a lot of learnings: when one teaches, two learn! I listen to one podcast a week, and I read on book a month.

Fun and enjoyment: I have lot’s of fun with my wife, our grown up kids and our dog. We go out for a walk on the Posbank at least once every day. 

My life makes me smile and makes my heart sing and I am motivated to learn new things.

This MBA is my essential next step!

I am convinced that with my skills in leading, collaborating and learning I will contribute to the MBA and support the group to maximise our potential. I am looking forward to participating.

The best number to reach me is +31 648 797 809. I look forward to speaking with you in a few business days.

Yours sincerely,

Eric van de Graaff

Everyone is different and everyone has different reasons to start or not start an MBA. In the end I think investing in your knowledge is always a wise decision.